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Glass is my favourite material in the world. It could be transparent or opaque. Red is stiff but blue is soft. Sometimes it’s easy to control, sometimes it’s stubborn. It needs to be treated carefully at a certain temperature otherwise it might crack. Glass has its own personality like a human being. It can be tough but also can be fragile. Working with glass is kind of like running a relationship.

When I work with glass, I try to express the concept of this piece combined with the unique features of glass. 

I begin a piece by using the glassblowing technique. Glassblowing is like therapy, for me it can bring me to a state of self-forgetful. It needs people to put their whole attention on it. And it takes time so one must be patient, once it started there is no middle pause. When I am blowing glass, there is a feeling like there is nothing else in this world besides me and the glass held in my hand.

I know a piece is done when it’s revealed the exact colour that I want after annealing, the whole piece is perfect with flawless details, and it is the same form that I imagine.

When my work is going well, I feel a sense of achievement and relax, because glass is like a moody person. Also, I feel grateful for the assist team.

When people look at my work, I’d like them to be not only amazed by the consummate piece from the present but also see through the concept and idea that I try to convey to the viewer.

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Refined Relic

New work: Refined Relic An ethereal embodiment of singular sanctity, bathed in a resplendent cloak of gold, this artifact is meticulously...

Gradient stuff cup

Practicing the stuff cup technique to get ready for my project.

Making the plugs

Using Venetian traditional goblet making skills to blow the plug! Feel like making the stem for goblet lol

Glassblowing mould making video

The first one for test pieces was broken so I have to make another one.Super heavy plaster help building muscles...

Project Matrix test piece

Didn't hold the mould tightly so there is a line right in the middle of the face. Need to test more! Making the blow mould Stop crying !...

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