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Jiayun Ding
Glass Artist
CGS Member 

Address: Cassaton House, 43 Fawcett St, Sunderland, England
Telephone number: +447579914302
Email address:

Education and Qualifications

2022                         Corning Museum of Glass
                                  One week intensive course of medieval glass, instructor Mathieu Grodet
2020 – Present       University of Sunderland
                                  BA (Hons) Artist Designer Maker
                                  Modules include: Solid skills and knowledge of glass and ceramic, 
                                  Contextual Studies, Creative investigations

2014 – 2018            Communication University of China
                                  BA Visual Communication Design
                                  Modules include: Visual Arts, Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media 

Work Experience

2022                         Bristol Blue Glass
                                  Working as an assistance.

2022                         Bath Aqua Glass
                                  As an intern for assisting glassblower.    

2019 – 2020            China Academy of Building Research 
                                  As a producer and a team leader of a short film series on Nation fire 
                                  safety and building safety, I have learnt the importance of teamwork      
                                  spirit. Always being organized, bring cohesion to the team. I am
                                  responsible for designing and digital illustrating the main character                                           
                                  and the storyboard, also distributing the design of other characters 
                                  to my collages. This job has increased my awareness of being the
                                  reasonable allocation of tasks could get the job done right on time    
                                  and more efficiently. That experience made me gain more knowledge
                                  about the best way to work with people and improve my leadership

2017 – 2019            Beijing World Art Museum
                                  As a curator of “Frontier-style painting exhibition for China Academy of      
                                  Management Sciences tenth anniversary”. I have learnt that details are 
                                  unignorable. I am responsible for the exhibit display and the whole 
                                  visual design and interior design of this exhibition. This job increased my
                                  ability to be organised and look at the overall situation but also pay 
                                  attention to the details at the same time. Carrying out the exhibition  
                                  raised my design level and proficiency in 3D modelling software.


May 2022                Dry Run Exhibition, Gateshead
June 2020                Curious Cabinet Exhibition, Shanghai
May 2018                 Degree Show Exhibition at Communication University of China, Beijing

            Glassblowing skills
            Making contemporary art sculpture and installation in glass and mixed media.
            Visual design 
            Adobe software and several 3D modeling software 

Curriculum Vitae: Text
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