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Final installation: The deadly virus in the sea

Today the global warming and the climate change are the focus of whole world’s attention.

This installation is focus on these issues and try to convey the idea to the public.

Under the UV black light

The atmospheric temperature rise will cause the sea water thermal expansion which will lead the sea-level rise and sea temperature rise. With human over expending of agriculture, the fertilizer and organic matter enrichment would be flashed by the river into the seashore. Combined with the warm water, the harmful algal bloom (HAB). And the harmful algal can caught up in the food chain. They produce potent toxins especially neurotoxin which trigger sudden death with high mortality (>80%). Shellfish and fish poisoned during the bloom and for human who consumes them would be poisoned too.

Filled in with actual sea water

As a metaphor the HBA is like the deadly virus in the sea especially under the pandemic circumstances. The glass sculpture’s figure is inspired by the harmful algal and the corona virus, made by several glass blowing skills and using the uranium glass which can glowing under the UV light. And that is also the same feature as the HAB can glowing in the sea at night.

The other side of the installation

The installation will be assembled on the light house surface and the height will be two meters as to show the sea level in 20 years later, that maybe too much but it could be seen as an exaggerate warning.

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